Digital Marketing Concepts

Why digital marketing concepts are easy and if we investigate  it deeply it is dfficult.Why this dichotomy?

Creating a web page writing a blog post or running an ecommerce activity is relatively easy; sometimes you may even drive enough traffic to your site . Notwithstanding this the main purpose of digital marketing is to generate revenue and sustain it continously.

The main difficulty is faced at this stage.You may have excellent ideas and skills as far as hosting a  very attractive web page and publishing valuable material for your browsers.This may result in generating good  traffic and if it didn’t you might resort to paid ads  and other techniques to attract more viewers.

All these activities are sustainable only if they help genrate revenue for you.

(Unless your aim is purely philoanthropic it is imperative that our focus is on profit.)

A strong action plan towords this aim of Revenue generation is mandatory. Clear targets should be fixed based on the income you would be aiming at every stage,so that proper  business strategy is set.

What are the sources revenue of a  digital marketer? How we can garner these bounties effectively and in a sustained manner?

Create a digital marketing strategy by creating a product range to perculate through your Funnel.  url digital marketing funnel

Grow your audience  by driving traffic to your site  by publishing authentic and consumable Blogs

Encourage subscribing to your site.

Build a brand interactions by selling  value-laden  low priced product  if you cannot give it  free.

Build loyal subscribers to increase sales of mid-range products.

Optimisation: We employ analytical tools to generate data; these data should make the marketing process- decisions we take in the next phases relevant.That is what use we make of these data should reflect in campaigns.Some campaigns cost too much and generate too few leads.And you will see campaigns that generate leads that are almost never qualified.We should change our action plan to mitigate this wasteful campaign effort and expenses.

Once  the glaring marketing deficiencies  are handled, look closely at less obvious details. Great marketers, who have great success, adopt this and others  struggle to grow their business. Thus you can pinpoint cost per click and conversions in terms of profits accrued.A valuable tool for modifying your campaign strategy  should be employed.

Work Backwards

Remember that when you are analyzing your data you need to look at how the data effects your desired business outcome. If this is profit, look back at each of the phase of the digital marketing life cycle  viz.capacity generate new leads,conversion and cost per click.See which of them can be optimized to increase revenue and decrease costs. This can be ascertained when you have revenue to associate with each marketing activity.

 Build customer loyalty:  For the business, let it be any business, the foremost requirement is to retain the trust you have generated in them about your brand.For this customer reviews should be generated and acted upon.Complaints and grievances must be settled at the earliest.If there are ten satisfied customers and a single disgruntled customer;that would off-set the brand.

The core to your funnel should be well defined and the campaign strategy should take cognisance the needs at every stage of the funnel.That is customers who purchase low,mid and high value products all of them should have place in your campaign activity.

Other revenue sources are only fringe even though it may be sizable,does not promote your business as a whole,since they are all affliate activities in nature.

We will see  about the various marketing avenues open in detail and their relative merits  in next blog titled “Digital Market Revenue  Sources”

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Rage is as defined :fury or violence of wind, waves, fire, disease, etc.It is instantaneous and with a great force burst of emotion like sunami. While rage does not last long,the effects of destruction and devastation last for long.

Why we are currently engaged in this topic is that its origin and control greatly benefits us and so it is important.

It is sometimes associated with the fight-or-flight response, and is often activated in response to being in the presence of a threat.

Before I ventured to write this blog I did some search for psychological interpretation and came across a meaningful blog by Andrea Mathews,Traversing the inner terrain         (

You can say that  rage is the result of repressed or bottled up feeling,frustration  and irritation.Rage is pressure release like in your pressure cooker. Other extremes are self-destruction like committing suicide or inflicting injuries to oneself.This may be conscious or unconscious a form of neurosis (Obsessive-compulsive neurosis.) The persistent and distressing recurrence of intrusive thoughts or images (obsessions) and repetitive behaviors or mental acts (compulsions).

What we understand is that the effect of “Rage” is destructive either outwardly or inwardly.

Western psychologists treatment of this subject is far from satisfatory.When I say this it is with some conviction and as a person dwelling on this subject trying to find first hand solution.

It is very easy to control rage if not fully at least mitigate the destructive aspect of rage,since rage does not last long and to an extent I would say it is good to let it out like waste disposal with care and concern for others.

Going to the origins of frustration a deeper understanding of desires and the perversions thereof should be investigated.

All move towards happiness and by default we derive pleasure through our instruments of perception like eyes,ears,nose,tongue and mind (We consider mind also an instrument) But this happiness is short-lived and the senses crave for more.When there isan impediment to the fulfilment and gratification of the senses  frustration sets in.

The greater the memory of the pleasure you derived in past etched permeanently in memory greater is the disappointment and frustration.When this frustration could not be expressed for various reasons like social compulsions etc. it is suppressed.But the missed oppurtunity stays in the memory and the waits for suitable condition to express. Over time the frustration ferments and if more such experiences it gains more ferocity.It is at this stage bursts out as rage .In this state the ego perceives threat and the survival instinct comes to play which is primordial.

The remedy is assure your Ego that there is No Threat. Thisis trivial and I am safe.

To acheive this you need to practise meditation. Sit in a quiet place setting aside all your agenda for next half hour or so.Take afew deep breaths and relax.Now recall all unpleasant experiences one by one.Mentally go through.At that you might undergo bodily changes as if you are ready to fight.Let that take place,be a witness. You ask youself”so what?”Despite of all that you are safe and nothing can disturb you! If someone acted in a particular way try to understand his/her circumstances.Be magnanimous.By doing this you are doing yourself a favour and not the other person.They are happy in their own self.May not even think of us.

Take your attention to the base of your seat which is connected with our security perception.Hold your attention for sometime say 15 minutes.All the while breathe steadily and deeply.Keep your eyes closed all along.When complete take deep breath and becoming aware of the circumstances around you slowly open your eyes.Feel grateful for all that experience.In this state the mind switches from revenge mode to grateful mode which is a positive state.

Keep repeating this exercise for about a week.As you repeat you would feel more and more relaxed.If you experience some discomfort let it be as your subconscious mind is trying express itself.

If you find this useful share with family and friends. Thanking you for your patient reading.



An Over view of A Start- up Venture

Clear understanding of Start-up
You have a business idea. That is the starting point. You might have thoroughly investigated this idea from a concept to implementation.
One needs to go through the following steps to crystallise the business idea into an implementable action plan.
• The entrepreneur-that is YOU, the person who is intending to set up a business. Fundamental requisite mind –set “Willing to undertake Risk.” Unlike a regular job where you are sure of getting your salary there is no guarantee of income. The income depends upon various factors. Are you ready? If not think of an alternative person to take care of the business; may be one of family members or friends interested in the business.Make sure to keep the controls with you.
Have you found your NICHE or your passion; what you would be dwelling upon . and always wanted to do.There is no point in doing in which you don’t have a passion
• Have you successfully and pragmatically answered all assumptions of the business plan? That includes requisite capital, skill set, place, market and manpower?
• Have you done due diligence (Due diligence is an investigation of a business, an act with a certain standard of care. It can be obligatory for investors to evaluate feasibility of your business or can be for your own appraisal -voluntary investigations.)
• Have you considered competitors? They have definite roll to play in your business proposition. If there is no competition then you have to think twice if there is enough market. What is the size of the market and what share you can penetrate? What is uniqueness of your product and service?
• How you plan to BRAND your business.
If there is one single factor that tilts popular perception about your business; it is certainly the BRAND.
It is, though important, needs careful study and investigation.
With our long time spanning industrial experience and skills it is certainly possible to guide you through various steps to see your DREAM BUSINESS comes to fruition and starts earning profit We understand individual circumstances are different and need special handling.
So, write to us whatever your business requirement.
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Pickles,papad and condiments /Small business start-up

There  is great demand of pickles,papads and condiments in the domestic market in India or where people of  Indian-origin  have settled elsewhere in the world.

Therefore many business aspirants feel that there is a great market potential for these products.

In almost every household preparation of Pickles,Papads and Condiments is a standard practice.But changes of life -style of women ( who were traditionally engaged in the  preparation of these items) cottage indutries sprouted and some are  in the offing.

Under this context search for correct practices in preparation  in a larger scale to cater to the market is felt. It is logical and should be addressed.

Our effort,( having been in the food processing industry for long many years) is to give a project proposal that is viable and feasible within a shoe string budget and at the same time ensuring quality product to offer to your customers.

If you intend to go in for new unit, or make expansion to existing unit, buy or sell, we are here for you to achieve your goal fast.

Contact us with details about your manufaturing unit and we would advise correct course of action

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