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Purpose of Blog Writing

Every Blog writer wants to rank high in Google Search Engine Pages”How to make your blog unique”is aimed at helping you with that goal ! So, read on and find useful tips from my experience.

You are a blog writer or aspiring to be one!The reason why you are interested in this Write up.And probably would be curious to know , what I am about to share. “Would it be of any value to me ” is the thought in your mind. I confirm it would be of immense worth in sharpening your focus, and bring out the best of your writing skills . In the Blog Writing Experience, I share how I have evolved from novice to professional. You would find it useful and informative.

Four Pillars of Content

  1. Attention
  2. Interest
  3. Desire  and
  4. Action

Let us consider the above four principles.

Attention    There are claims of two million blogs posted everyday.How to stand out and attract the attention of browsers? This is the challenge you and I face. Content quality, usability, relevance to the topic and readability are deciding factors.

In addition, Search Engine Optimization is essential, because search engines rank your blog based on the merits of algorithms on page and off-page SEOs and WEB-2 ( ” A collective term for certain applications of the Internet and the World Wide Web, including blogs, wikis, video sharing services, and social media websites such as Facebook and MySpace, which focus on interactive sharing and participatory collaboration rather than simple content delivery. The term “Web 2.0″ was introduced by the O’Reilly Media Web 2.0 conference in 2004, which focused on social uses of the Web.”)


Back links is how many web sites of repute and authority, link your post.

So, much effort you have to put in, so that your article appears in search engine result page, reasonably higher.

Interest   Alright your title appears in SERP. Now what? Browsers are very fast in scanning through.There needs to be promise to solve their nagging problems in a unique way. That means you have to thoroughly research, find solutions and offer them.Only then you can generate sufficient interest in the browser to click your page.

Desire  The browser comes to your site and scans through . He/She should feel confident that what you claim is worth trying. Entice by offering freebies for them to try. In this process you could collect emails and request to subscribe to your site

Action  The action part is when you have a product to sell lead the browser to purchase that.It may a take while for them to decide in your favor.

That said briefly, how effectively you can implement each of the above steps is up to you.


A clear understanding of Keyword conceptually is important or rather inevitable for your success. We can explain by the simple analogy. If you step into a shop looking for some article, say pen; the shop vendor offers a pencil – then there is no transaction. How compatible your offer with that of the customer requirement decides : whether the customer starts the deal with you or not.

Extending this a little further, you can discover Long Tail Keyword . More specific your offer, only people searching for that particular product would land in. You would be filtering out all others. Your traffic will be smaller, nevertheless, they would be serious in closing the deal. (Conversion)

A/B Testing

A/B testing or split testing is a method of finding out which of the two versions of your web page fares well. By seeing the analytics report you can confidently establish one of them doing better and stick to it.


Inviting comments to the blog is very highly illuminating and you learn a lot from them. Some comments are insightful and throw new light on our blogs.

Sharing your blog in Social Media

You can share your article in your social media circles.Especially in your groups, Digital Marketing or similar such groups.More than anyone else these people would evince more interest.

Keeping track of competitors

If you plan to write a blog on particular Niche, go to your competitors’ site where similar blogs posts are there. Read them and find out how you can do better than them. Your unique angle to the subject can bring traffic to you.Always remember, Genius is Originality. 

You are unique and views and experiences are also are different. There may be many much ahead of you.Getting overwhelmed by them does not serve any purpose.We can learn from them.But our sight is on those who are less informed and aspiring to progress. Our aim is to share our experience in a helpful manner with them.

Summing up I have shared whatever I have mastered, thus far and hope that it is useful to you.

Please post comments, and your email . We honor your privacy and would use only for contacting you for sharing useful info.Hope you enjoy reading my blog ! See you next!

About the Author: Rangan

Hi I am J.V.Rangan , basically a Mechanical Engineer and had long career as Machinery Manufacturer and Project Manager. My mission to help entrepreneurs and young start ups succeed in their venture. Passion for writing blogging and Digital Marketing my new call.Giving my best Blogs and Quality Contents.Worked as content development freelancer.

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