Blogging is Fun or Not Rank First

Blogging is Fun or Not Rank First

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Blogging is Fun Or Not?

Firstly let me state a fact about me.It was for fun I started writing Blogs. We all start to blog for different goals. Whether Blogging is fun? Or not, the  main aim is only to sharing one’s views! So this  aims to be useful to the reader you .My quest was to find out what makes a good SEO ranking Blog. The answer to it, is crystalised in this article.Hence I have titled it as “Blogging is fun or not rank first?Search is about good Blog, ranking in search engines you are in the right place.How ? Read on..

My research for Blog!

Whether it is fun or not to blog I decided to find out what it is?
Finding many scholarly articles differing in their approach and temper I concluded one common strand. At some point or other bloggers are vying to rank.Generate considerable traffic organic or otherwise.This in turn is the key to conversion and earning. I realised that many are earning substantially too,through blogging. Curiosity impelled me to further research.Searched the Internet day in and out.But I needed practical tutoring. So in order to write a good blog you need proper tutoring from an experienced teacher.

What is a Blog?

A blog or write up is information, techniques and art of sharing useful methods used in this profession.

It makes your life easier. Of course you have your role in scripting creatively. Doing research and collecting all useful information and techniques are your job.
With this basic intent, I was looking for one.Luckily came across blogging course promoted by Digital price was affordable.At once registered for this course called 100 days blogging Course. After enrolling there is no looking back in my blogging journey.It is  complete with all lessons one needs.

From Fun Blogs to Professional Blogs

After that course, here I am moving slowly to Professional Blogging. That is to say as the days go by I dive deep into Blogging. Consequently it helps refining my skills. First isI hosting a website with professional SiteGround is very reliable for web site was hosting . This was necessary for professional blog writing. Instructed by my mentors, to treat blogging as a business. That is right. You can not treat it any longer as an entertainment. You move away from triviality to seriousness.
Blogging is no more fun but a serious business.
Daily you come across new ideas,techniques,jargons and methods to write a simple BLOG. Your sole aim is now to help other bloggers write good write-up. And thereby help them rank in search engine ranking pages SERP
Shift in perception is now you write for your audience. Identify, know their needs and start writing.Take feedback by going to google analytics. Get a clear information about your audience

Choose a Niche

”     Each month, approximately 409 million people view more than 20 billion pages.

There are about 70 million posts being published each month by WordPress users.

Readers generate 77 million new blog comments  each month.

Writings are in English in about 71% of WordPress sites .”

The above stats is an eye opener. Prolific output of blog post everyday is mind boggling . And it is a real challenge to compete in this. You can narrow down the competition by choosing right Niche 

How to choose a niche is described in my blog referred above.

Writing A Blog is No Fun- Refine Skills

I used to write long winding sentences. Now there are softwares to evaluate your writing styles.No passive voice sentences.Sentence length shall not exceed given number of words (20).These words shall not exceed so many syllables and so.
Then comes the Keyword.There is so much to learn about Keywords and SEO,that Fun in writing is lost.You are no more free.Search Engines have to locate you by Keyword and phrases.There is a SEO ranking.Luckily we have so many wordpress plugins (Yoast) to help and guide
Then you have to give correct location of the page in your web site termed as URL.If you make any mistake then the visibility is lost.

Promoting your script

There is a lot you can do to promote your blog. in Social Media and paid ads in google .
Numerous plugins inside your WordPress Dashboard is enough to keep you busy for weeks.You have to master them to turn out good blog.
All the information you give in your blog must be authentic.Creating Value for your reader is the crux of the problem.
Summing up it is no easy task to write a Blog.That is Why I Said
“Blogging is No Fun”
Blogging is no sprint.It is a long journey – it is a marathon.


In conclusion you have to regularly post your blogs. The most important is to know the pain points of target audience. Why they come to search? And what keywords they are searching. These keywords are crucial for any blog. You make correct permalink so you rank better.
Most importantly it is necessary to Keep going . It is sure step for you to  succeed.
I wish all who visit my site success. If you need any help you are welcome.
Please leave your comments for me to address so that next time you will find answers here. Otherwise, I will email if it is specific.

About the Author: Rangan

Hi I am J.V.Rangan , basically a Mechanical Engineer and had long career as Machinery Manufacturer and Project Manager. My mission to help entrepreneurs and young start ups succeed in their venture. Passion for writing blogging and Digital Marketing my new call.Giving my best Blogs and Quality Contents.Worked as content development freelancer.

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