Blogging is Fun or Not Rank First

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Blogging is fun or not Rank first

The following transcript changed my perception about blog writing

“It’s hard – if not impossible – to succeed at content marketing without creating blog posts on a regular basis. Every successful blog is built on a solid foundation of content, but it’s the consistency that’s the real key to successful search engine rank. According to HubSpot, marketers who are consistent with blogging are 13 times more likely to get a positive ROI.”

Having taken a cue from veteran Neil Patel let us explore whether blogging is fun or not ranking the first rank first- how? We all know that though for some people writing skill is natural, others need not have any apprehension. The truth is that you can always hire skill which you lack but at a price. Initially, you may start your blogging external source.

Even hiring paid external writer sounds straight forward, unless you know how blogs evaluated it is of no use.Here some links for you.

For blogging is fun or not rank first write has clues from these:

How to Start A Blog?

Why you want to write a blog about? You thoroughly answer this question. Whether blogging is fun or not rank is your first aim. Because answer to this question leads to different avenues open to you. Also the working results are also vary.

First decide whether you want to write to be Content Marketing Professional or a freelancer, so that it is easier to decide whether blogging is fun or not rank first.

Writing in google Blogger is easy and it is not accredited as the best platform for commercial use.Though large and small business house use them for newsletters and promotional activities, it is limited to 1.038 million users globally.

Other method is host your own self-standing website, and promote your blogs. You can use site for affiliate marketing, advertising and other commercial ventures.

Select an ever-green Niche for Blog Topics

Even if you churn out excellent blogs, if there are not many takers it is a failure. The answer to this KEYWORD Research so that your blogging is fun or not you can rank first. Accessing some leading keyword planners Ahrefs, Semrush, Keyword planner and others you know the demand.Right keyword is fundamental to blogging is fun or not rank first.

There are these factors one should consider: as enlisted by Keyword Magic tool.

VolumeTrendKD %CPC $Com.SF

You type a keyword or phrase the tools gives out the result. From that you get data about, volume, trends, Keyword difficulty, Cost per click and competition. Equipped with this stats you decide, which one to promote.

So, the first step is over. You know the topic. For this search engines give result for the topics and trends and suggested search terms. Go to those pages, and read them. You get many ideas, as to how to write a blog about it.

Make a long term plan. Select a domain name and host your web site.It is easier and faster with Design your landing page and add categories. Do not forget to instal XML sitemap google or Yoast free plugin.

As you post your blog in your site, also share it in social media like facebook, twitter and others.

It is how your blogs are posted which browsers can view.

An effective Blog Writing

Write down all the questions your browser may be looking for an answer. Find out the answers from authentic sources. Earlier, we talked about getting some ideas from similar topics

Focus on clients while writing. Keep your blog straight and simple. Browsers’ attention span is limited with this point in mind we need to design our blog composition and make visual media to compliment our theme better.

Lay out of the page should be pleasing. Flow of ideas from one to the next coherent and logical.That is how whether blogging is fun or not rank first. For example of good blog writing see digital marketing expert digital deepak

All along keep your purpose in mind. Marketing efforts should mild persuasive. Otherwise browser gets frustrated. As far as advertisements are concerned make sure they are not intrusive or distracting.

How to Rank?

This is a topic very dear to bloggers. No one answer covers it all.

Google takes into account:

Domain Authority

Page Authority

No of referring sites and their authority. Back-links

Relevance of your blog to the keyword. Avoid keyword stuffing, instead, use similar word

Sharing your post in social media.

Following these points carefully is you can (blogging is fun or not) rank first


Do not be overwhelmed. Making blogging fun or not rank it first SERP pages is multi-dimensional task.

Split it into smaller chunks and work on them patiently, but diligently.

While posting your blog make sure the Title includes keyword, the meta-description is of correct length and images have alttext.

With good wishes I conclude this blog.If you find it useful comment,share and subscribe to my site.


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