Foundation of Practical Blogging

Do SEO blogs generate more traffic?

More and more marketers are turning to SEO blogs that generate more traffic. In so doing they increase their sales and profits. Is the Search Engine Optimization only factor for increased traffic or is there more to it? This is core topic we want to…

Monetize your blogs

How to Monetize your blog fast without even ads?

Updated February 10, 2021 Are you a blogger? If so, normally you would be interested to earn money through your site. In this blog let us consider “How to monetize your blog fast without even ads?” You will see how this is done. Here is-…

Oral Search Results

Google voice search

Google Voice Search – how it impacts Digital Marketing? “Forrester predicts that by year 2020 almost all internet browsing would be mostly verbal and voice. And in this scenario it is going to be very difficult for digital marketers to cope up with the advance…

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