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Digital Marketing Introduction

Digital Marketing -What is it?

We all have direct experience of buying goods and services in our everyday life.We walk into a shop pick up the products we want, pay the cash and  the deal is over.With  the advent of Internet  the scenario has changed.Marketing has become more customer oriented. Wherever you are and whatever the time of the day and irrespective of  geographical location marketing is possible through Digital Media. Portals supporting such marketing activities are many. All the activities connected with targeting a buyer and seller offering product or services through the medium of Internet is broadly termed as Digital Marketing . In this article we examine :

  • Advantages of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing
  • Who can do the Internet Marketing aka (Digital Marketing )
  • What platforms and media are available
  • Mastering Digital Marketing

This blog is basically meant for aspiring Digital Marketing career seekers.


Advantages of  Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

Traditional Methods

  1. There is less possibility of messages and information about the product description reaching the buyer from his/her location.
  2. Communication channels are restricting easy two way communication
  3. Marketing efforts by way of traditional method of bill boards. posters and other print media is comparatively expensive and time consuming.   .
  4. Vast global coverage is very difficult if not impossible
  5. We are unable to measure how far the promotional message has reached. It is blind effort.
  6. Product reviews are difficult to view.

Digital Marketing Methods

In Digital Marketing   communication between business house and the customer is easily possible.That means business houses can offer their products and services through the internet.The client can get instantaneous updates about them.

Medium of communication is more powerful and involves social media websites, chats, apps and Email.

  1. Digital marketing campaigns can be developed quite rapidly and with digital tools, channelizing Digital Marketing campaigns is easier.
  2. It is very effective for reaching global audiences.
  3. You  can  measure the effectiveness of Marketing Promotional activities such as campaigns through analytics. Thereby find out Return on Investment (expenses incurred)
  4. You can  focus campaign audience based on age group,locality,ethnic group and whatever segment you want to cover.This increases effectiveness of Campaigns and ROI.
  5. There is a unique advantage of Reviews  by customers. This enhances your brand image.
  6. You could easily offer Affiliate services increasing Marketing Network

Who can do the Internet Marketing aka (Digital Marketing )

You might have understood What is digital Marketing is all about. 

First and foremost any person aspiring for Digital Marketing as a Revenue Source should bear in mind that is a Business. LIke all business either you can run the business yourself or join Digital Marketing  Agency.It is entirely up to you. You think you have entrepreneurial qualities Start a digital marketing business.. Or you can join some agency for a salary.There are plenty of bright openings for a capable candidate.

Like any other profession Digital marketing is also a profession.So you need to  take a course.But there is a difference.In the internet there are many free digital marketing courses 

I have a personal experience with digital deepak and so I recommend.There are many others offering digital marketing courses..Choice is yours.A basic course is a must.

As for investment you need to have a computer with internet facility.

As you go further you would need more facilities,like imaging and video processing equipments to make it into a professional grade.Otherwise even a smart mobile phone can do the job.

  • What platforms and media are available :

Any business thrives on the visibility. Now-a-days social media is used extensively as people are very active.If you are not in any of them, my advice would be. to join them immediately. Make it a point to join various forums. Most of them freely accept members. Learn from members and ask questions.Browse internet for topics and study them well.

How to use your social media   

Email is your first contact point with friend and close relatives.Those who might trust your credibility. Contact them by sending them email informing that you are in digital Marketing. Email is the easiest to start. with.Share all your business activities as much as you do your personal activities.

Facebook is one of largest shared Social Media.. There are more than 2.23 billion monthly active users.Many groups ,forums operate catering to different fields of activities. Advertisement through Facebook is claimed to give better conversions because the ads are focussed.

Twitter  is yet another powerful social media with 328 million active users every month. You can take advantage of their Twitter Business  Connect with business across the globe.

Google G+ active users 111 million is also powerful Social Media network.

There are many more lesser known Social Media Networks. You can very easily deploy Youtube video. Visual media is most effective.What thousand of word can say a single picture can achieve.If it is a video it is more impactful See the video and evaluate video

 Mastering Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is as much a science as an art. As far as the techniques are concerned there are many. We discuss about them briefly.

Search Engine Optimization  

Your message either in the form of written, audio and video posted offered to public display via internet goes into ocean of billions of web site in the world wide web.You have the tremendous task of standing out in first page of Google or Bing. There many numerous techniques perfected by the pioneers in this field digital marketing. Unless you master these methods and perfect them by your own practical application mastering SEO (search engine optimization) is difficult.

Generating Traffic  

Generating traffic is the biggest challenge any Digital Marketing professional faces. Of course you can place ads in google adsense or facebook or any other social media.But then whether the traffic generated is justified by the cost and ROI .

Marketing Funnel and Conversion  

When a browser sees your web page it is registered as an impression. And when they click and go through content or blog or watch the video the first step is taken.


  1. First stage Awareness
  2. Second stage Activation
  3. Acquisition is the third step
  4. Retention 4th step
  5. Referral is 5th stage
  6. Conversion and revenue is the final stage.


As you can clearly see there are these six stages before you can get revenue.

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Wishing you bright future in Digital Marketing




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