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How to find Niches for Riches?

Aspiration of almost all Bloggers is to monetize and Earn sizable revenue. In this blog, we would find how to Find niches for Riches. Elaborating more, the first aim for selecting an evergreen Niches.

 After the first step follows the monetizing part…So, you will find here methods for selecting highly monetizing Niche  Niche is what you create for yourself selecting from a vast range of Products and Services. The essential requirements are:

  1. Your Passion
  2. Your expertise
  3. Available large market demand for it.

Next you I will see exact Monetizing method below.

We have already posted a blog detailing the methods for arriving at selecting your Niche.

                             You will find the  blogpost here:

So, following the guidelines shown in that blog post we assume you are able to select an ever-green Niche.Is that agreed?

Generating Traffic for your chosen Niches

The first step towards Monetizing is generating traffic. Nobody knows about us unless we publicise our existence. In the Digital Marketing arena, we post blogs and contents in our website addressing pain points of fellow Digital Marketers like us. We share our experience and guide our cohorts in the right direction.

It is not sufficient to merely write a blog and post it. You have to ensure that your blog appears in the first page of search engine pages (SERP) SEO or Search Engine Optimization is essential.   There are two aspects of Search Engine Optimization. Technically they called On Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimizations. In common language what you can do and what is not in your control.

Since SEO is not the main topic of this blog, we move on to other areas of monetization.

Monetization Sources

We now explore the revenue generating aspects

From the name Search Engine Marketing, you can very well infer that it has to do something with search results. Precisely, when a browser comes to your webpage attracted by the Keyword, example, Niches seen on search results, there is a scope of Marketing. You display Ads as banners, Copy Writes, Affiliate Products. Foremost among advertisers is Google. AdSense, once you register and start placing ads in your blog page Google pays based on pay per click.

Similarly, Affiliate products most importantly Amazon pays a commission based on sales through your site. Here is a catch.   Selectively, you may offer product connected with your Niche. Doing so, promotes your Brand.

There is yet another possibility, you may start an Ecommerce Store. You do not have to bother about manufacturing. Manufacturers are ready to offer “white labelled” products. You have to only ensure Quality  and proper pricing and packaging in your own Brand Name. By selling your own products your gains are long term. You have total control.

   Types of Niche Products

“A niche product is a product targeting a specific section of a larger industry and market. Niche products are often (but not always) more expensive than more generic products.

Because niche products are fulfilling a particular specialist demand, we find that demand tends to be more

Searching Pinterest can give you an idea of the range of products. Here again, keep the focus on Niche. Products may be physical or digital products like Software.”


 Other Marketing Avenues

Marketing avenues

There are a number of Marketing channels which you can use with strategies.

Social Media Marketing including email. Contents promoting chosen line of products (Niche) is very effective. Hire someone who can write a content with a lot of hits can make your product click.

Promoting your Brand Image associating with quality and reliability is essential mantra

All other above listed Marketing is aimed at drawing browsers to your site.

Conversion Funnel has Six stages before converting to sales

An important concept of Marketing funnel is useful to understand and implement.

As you can clearly see there are many stages before you can convert a browser into your customer.

In stage one He/She is attracted to your site. Seeing what you offer is of value he/she choose to register and subscribe to your site.You choose to offer a free gift of an ebook or a cheatsheet or downloadable write up on some useful topic.

You keep following this lead offering and informing about your products.Thereby keeping your relation nurtured,in order to develop trust.

Then relationship grows into Marketer and client.

The grand scenario of Monetizing completes with these many gradually crafted methods of generating traffic and conversion journey completes a cycle.

Hope this blog was useful to you and I would be grateful for your comments and any further queries I am always available.

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Thanking you!

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