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[amazon_link asins=’B018TQ6L2W’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’ranganfreelan 21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’88bea65a-e993-11e8-a6a1-3da83e748044′]There are so many people out there who are still struggling to understand what is niche marketing and the strategies behind it.

Hence we thought of writing a complete niche marketing guide to help you out. So let’s just go ahead and talk about Niche Marketing:

What is Niche Marketing?

Niche Marketing is one of such marketing strategies where you have to target a specific sector of a market.When you target customers searching particular product or service,your marketing effort is laser sharp.The lead comes to you (pull marketing)  as opposed to posting other promotional content in the open without focus.In marketing terms it is called push marketing

As a business, you often target people who do not fall under your business category. And the results are,you do not get  traffic as you expected.

However, with Niche Marketing, you only target a specific sector. You can choose your marketing sector on the basis of geographic location, or a specific culture. Hence, you get better results and get more sales.

Niche Marketing Targeting Focussed Audience

For example, if you are running a webinar for the internet marketers, then you would obviously want to target the internet marketers. You simply do not want to target normal people who do not know about internet marketing at all.

However to give you a better idea, here are a couple of sectors where Niche Marketing works:

  • Geographic area   (Products which are particularly used in certain countries or region)
  • Culture                  ( Product specially used in certain ethnic culture )
  • Behavior                ( Products influenced by typical behaviour of communities)
  • Demographic         ( Demography includes men,women, children /adult classification on social status)
  • Need                      ( Products used in certain seasonal weather / holiday travel )
  • Activity or habits     ( Swimming,trekking and sports activities )
  • Profession              (White collar office employees,carpenter,mason,Fisher folks and  farmer)
  • Style                      {     Typical ethnic groups dress differently use person care products
  • Lifestyle                {     utility products, transport vehicles, }
  • Occasion              ( Marriage,birthday and other social events and hospitality)
  • Feature reduction or addition   ( consider various food processing, repair and services)

In short, the Niche marketing helps business to separate themselves from other businesses in the market as well as it helps them to create a unique identity for themselves in the market.

You are already aware  that there are so many different businesses  in the market offering same product and services. But if you want to stand out  from the crowd, then Niche marketing is unique solution that you can confidently use!

By now, we do hope that you would have a clear idea about Niche Marketing. Now, let’s move to our second section, where we will be talking about the Niche marketing strategies.

Niche marketing strategies:

User-Generated Content:

There are quite a lot of brands available on social media that use the user-generated contents instead of creating marketing promotions.The need for synergic use of Niche Marketing Strategies, here is great! The lack of focus audience is evident.

You can find quite a lot of these examples on Instagram. If you are a regular visitor of Instagram, then we are sure you would have discovered different brands reposting repeatedly user’s content on their page.

The reason behind this trick, is to promote their product without spending a single penny. Plus, it aims to help the brand promotion and the users to create a special connection with the viewers.

Even it influences other people on Instagram as well. Like someone might be there who also wants to get featured on a brand page; so all they could do is, buy something from that brand and post about it on Instagram.

This way, you can use the user-generated contents to promote your product. Also, many brands often deploy hired influencers to do the job.

If you want to follow the same method, then do create an Instagram hashtag for your brand and ask your customers to use it while posting images of your brand. This way, you will be able to find those posts easily as well, it will help you to create brand awareness.

Try Different Marketing Platforms:

You cannot just rely on a single marketing platform alone to target your business. Even if you look at popular social media network like Facebook, then you will discover that there are already so many people who are targeting your specific customers.

Hence, as a result, you may not get as expected results by running Facebook Ads. However, on the other hand, if you Google some keywords that relate to your business, then you may not find much Google Ads and you can use it for your benefit.

Now as you can see that there are two marketing platforms, one is overcrowded, and another one is less competitive. Now as a business owner the answer is simple, you would obviously want to go for the less competitive one.

The fact is that you have to experiment with your marketing strategies on different platforms to find out the perfect platform. Hence do not stick with only one, instead, try different platforms and analyze the results.

Find Customers’ Problem And Solve It:

The only way that you could gain good reputation in the market  is by solving customer issues. For this, you have to find the issues that your customer faces in your Niche (Business category) And offer unique solution. 

Here I would like to draw your attention to the phrase Unique Solution and what it means to the user.Renowned world wide best-seller author Seth Godin, has elaborately dealt with topic in his book   titled PURPLE COW” 

Once you found the issues, then look for ways, how your product can perform remarkably. After that simply target those people showing how your products solve issues and you are done.

For example, if you are offering computer repairing services. Then you can provide offers like a Home pickup services, Home delivery of computers parts, and for customers  in remote corner, post videos for self help in the internet,run user forum and post solutions to questions.Buyback unserviceable computers and peripherals and use your creativity for unique value.   This way, the customers would find that your business is offering unique solutions, you will be able to gain customers trust easily. In addition to that, they would become loyal customers who would also  recommend you to their friends.

Using Google Rating

These days there is a star rating for website by google. the higher the star rating better would be your click through.The easiest way to get ratingdone is to use a plugin or script to collect testimonials. This testimonial and to display them in your site.You could use screenshots of your reviews in instagram etc..

Ask For Feedback:

The best way a business can grow in value for customer is getting feedback on their user experience.  An average customer would be highly motivated by referrals/ reviews before selecting to spend his/her hard-earned money on products and services in your company. So in such cases, your existing customers’  reviews could go a long way.

You can add a review section under your product listing page and ask your satisfied customers to leave a positive review. You can even ask for testimonials and use them to run your online campaigns.

So those were a couple of Niche Marketing Strategies that you can try out. Anyway, now let’s move to the next section. In this section, we will be discussing the difference between niche and other marketing.

Comparison of Niche & Other Marketing Methods Which Gives Maximum ROI:

Paid Advertising is also something that offers you fair  Return on Investments. However, you should be aware of the fact that Paid Advertisement is way too complicated and tough.Moreover,  return,  on investment, you may  limited results. You may have to spend thousands of bucks to get some sales, and it may not work out properly. You may get engagement on social media platforms but, it would not generate enough  sales to justify the spending.

The flip side of  paid advertisement is that you are  unable to target a specific audience who will be seriously  interested in your business. Whereas, with the niche marketing, it is the target audience is eagerly waiting to grab a good promising product/service with good review.

Content marketing and SEO is also a great marketing method to get a good  on account of ROI. However it is time consuming, you have an uphill task of ranking in SERP (search engine result pages.) Unless you rank your visibility is lost.

As well as you have to a be a pro digital marketer, who can rank your website on the Google’s search results. So you can start getting sales.

Plus you have to be a great content writer so you can explain your business without sounding biased. Although, you can hire a content writer, but again that will be money consuming.

Email Marketing:

Email Marketing is known as the highest ROI of online marketing strategy. If you implement it properly then you will surely get great results. However as we have seen earlier, it is only “Push Marketing” A click through rate of even 0.1% is difficult achieve.Then after conversion would not even be 0.01%.
All you have to do is create an email list and send personalized emails that describe your product. However getting an email list can be expensive. Alternatively, if you want to create it by yourself, then you have to spend quite a lot of time. As nobody wants to put his or her email on random websites because he or she fears of spam emails.

So in order to make them overcome the fear, you have to offer something that benefits the customers.By this  you will be able to build an email list quite easily.

Implement email marketing could be complimentary to your niche marketing as well.

So that was a short comparison of other marketing methods which gives maximum ROI.

In conclusion, we can summarize thus:

  • Niche Marketing is ideal marketing as it laser-sharp focussed on target audience
  • Of the many marketing efforts Niche marketing gets the best value on return on investment of promotional cost
  • It is easy,simple and directed at interested audience with Niche Marketing.
  • Niche Marketing is pull marketing and is easy to access by the customer.
  • To get higher conversion rates use Niche marketing .
  • Niche Marketing usually generates better traffic

It is for you to get the best results.

Now go ahead and get better traffic and with your marketing strategies get highest conversion and profit I earnestly appeal to you to post any questions and feel free to leave a comment below.Thank you!


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