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Get Ready to Make Six Figure Revenue

You are the architect of your results!:

Bear this firmly in the mind.Making money in millions is not  some far-fetched  Idea. But firmly verified by practical studies.Get inspired, get right knowledge  and apply. Then things happen miraculously. Your belief and trust in yourself, would force your subconscious mind, to achieve astonishing  result.

Wipe out even an iota of doubt from your mind and start working like an Expert. 

There are umpteen sites teaching almost every subject.As they say,” Knowledge is a Click Away”

Work through the strategy!

Get into the shoes of experts,to explore the anatomy of minds of Experts.

The first and foremost requirement is Goal Setting. A strong resolve  to attain set targets is the Prime Mover. Fear of failure is an enemy to success. Therefore treat your shortcomings as a step to learn the right way. Our subconscious mind does not understand logic. It clearly works on the basis of Emotions and Feelings.Right mix of knowledge and hard work will propel your intuitive power.

Align with Masters

Trust your gut feeling, your planned  journey towards SIX FIGURE REVENUE  Starts Here. Yes I mean exactly MILLIONS in earning by our own legitimate and legal methods and techniques. How? You are going to achieve this is what you would be reading in this Blog.

That is why I am calling this post as GET READY TO MAKE SURE SIX FIGURE REVENUE BLOGGING. Firmly believing this is the only requirement to pursue this write up and read further.(If you are not trusting your ability to achieve this tremendous task  Please Do Not Read.) You better fritter away your energies elsewhere.

Did you get Ready ?

Having said that,You got ready and I can confirm that.Otherwise you would be proceeding further.As you accept,  your mind becomes ready mind  and is the fertile ground in which you can plant any sound ideas to sprout. In this analogy the SEED is the goal you  have set up  namely, Get ready to make sure six figure revenue.

Alright you say I have the mind,intently desire to realize the target -What next ?

Nurturing Your Idea

Nurture means “to support and encourage the seed to keep growing,  as during the period of training or development; foster:”

We are going to see various stages of the Nurturing Process

The seed needs nutrients as well as water in a measured quantity. And protection from hostile environment and sun shine.

You need to equip yourself with right knowledge of what works and what is not.

You need to step into the shoes of your audience.

Imagine for a moment for whom I am writing! For you- browsers’ sake. You the one aspiring to earn  Million Rupees  Digital Marketers. Once you have committed to the Goal then you already started moving towards the goal.

Caution: This journey is Marathon. Sometimes the path is difficult. Only your resolve and dedication can come to your rescue. You do not require super intelligence as I have been watching successful people. Even people with average skill set can succeed by Strategy and right knowledge

Knowledge with Application

Alright you are ready to acquire knowledge. What sort of knowledge?  Precisely,the understanding of the way your browsers are looking for answer in Google and what search engines bring out as answers! This is fundamental requirement. If your answers are very relevant complete in expositions

I call this as Visibility . In the Digital Marketing language it is Ranking in Search Engine Rank Pages .


This is an excellent book  Joe  Pulizzi  Example of good content.

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Content Writing to Rank High in SERP

Your first step is here in crafting a unique content. You have to  research on a particular subject . Ensure it would be very valuable to your audience. How would you evaluate this?

Here I would deviate a little bit. Good content and your Brand Image go hand in hand.How?

If your content is able to address:

  • The expectation of your browser who lands on your page seeking a solution to his/her problem
  • He/She returns fully satisfied, having got what they wanted
  •  They feel impelled to Share/ Comment on your site or in social media
  • Your content is Acknowledged by the Masters of Content Marketers

Then you can feel that you have done a good content Writing Job.

In addition to the above, the acid test for the post :

4 Points to you ensure you craft Best Content

These three questions you answer to set the high value to your content.

  1. What is the most immediate pain point my audience is obsessed with presently ?
  2. How well my competitors are giving solutions to the problem ? What is lacking there
  3. Is there a unique angle to solve this and how this can be applied practically by and every one ?
  4. Is the  expert solution offered tested and proven in this?

These four Key Questions can make your content Stand Tall in the eyes of professionals’ estimate.Therefore it is highly recommended that you direct your attention towards four points enumerated. It constitutes first of  On Page Optimization.

Pay attention also to your Web Page Readability,Page Title,URL structure,Meta data creation and other factors contributing to Content Optimization. 

Special focus on Images and Video clips is crucial.File size contributes to loading speed. So, faster loading speed of Web Page is highly recommended.. Compression of images is possible by software (plugins )  

Apart from file size of images, info graphics and other visual aids highlighting your view-point make sure they are relevant, pleasing. Take care to position properly. Do not forget alt tags . 

Off-Page optimization is what you can not directly influence.That said, however you can indirectly  maneuver. By generating more back-links,by blog-posting in high ranking non-commercial government and educational sites,forum postings and press release submission are some Web-2 Creation methods.

Your Social Media Presence

You can actively pursue in Social Media like Facebook, Twitter,G+,Instagram,LinkedIn, Pinterest and many others. Join forums and give links to your post and follow market leaders.

I must add that Quora postings have better chance of boosting your ranking.

In all these your only aim must be to project yourself as Brand Expert . As earlier pointed out .

Brand Image is crucial for your success. And you need to strategically work towards building your Brand  

You Tube is greatest source to generate traffic.You post videos to promote your blogs YouTube

Monetizing your Web Site A

Before I proceed with, ( I assume that you own a website of your own ). You have to make sure, Niche, in which  you post  contents. Your Search Engine Optimization is good. Your blog is  properly indexed in by the search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex  and others.In addition to the above it is presumed you are trying to Monetize your Site!

Thorough understanding of monetizing channels is essential. Even if you rank  high in Google SERP  unless you are trained in the dynamics of sources of income,  it is not going help to earn income.

Two important sources of information is Google AdSense and Affiliates. You can as a beginner start earning from Ad Sense ads posted in your site. And for generating traffic you can use Google Ad words and Facebook. Followed by Affiliate marketing is a very potential source of income.

If you are using WordPress then  you can easily place Google Ads by Ad-inserter plugins.

Similarly use Affiliate Plugins to sponsor Affiliate products.You can watch the video here   /  

For further information affiliates see 

Social Media Marketing

And there are many Social Media Marketing Avenues which you can use profitably.

 How to Build a Million Rupee Expert in short time?

Many people are out there and put  webinars, you can convince yourself, that it is damn possible.

I realized – the right technique is what is required . My further research opened the flood-gates of possibilities. A great Branding Guru says:

Do not sell, but make sure that your product is WANTED by promoting your BRAND

Applying the same techniques to Marketing we can become instant success.

All it Takes is One Positive Idea – Promise To Solve Frustrated Problem

If I promise you ” I Show you three easy steps by which you will earn Millions even if you do not have traffic right now and without ranking blogs.” then you would be interested to read post.What do you see in this : Result oriented ,time bound promise without imposing any preconditions .

Promise result in a time bound Manner: You also want to know when this will happen?

You need an answer and more……

Sure you will  go with me if it is guaranteed by results.

If  you believe you can  also make money and need further information wait for next post.

If this article sounds promising and plausible, register with me to take you further towards your journey in realizing Six Figure Dream.

Thank you and see you in next blog after your email registration: 





About the Author: Rangan

Hi I am J.V.Rangan , basically a Mechanical Engineer and had long career as Machinery Manufacturer and Project Manager. My mission to help entrepreneurs and young start ups succeed in their venture. Passion for writing blogging and Digital Marketing my new call.Giving my best Blogs and Quality Contents.Worked as content development freelancer.

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