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Forrester predicts that by year 2020 almost all internet browsing would mostly verbal and voice. And in this scenario it is going to be very difficult for digital marketers to cope up with the advance technology that is yet to come. Ranking that is presently done will not be possible. Only few results will be possible and will be displayed.Therefore blogs which are not ranking  high will not have any chance of finding a place.”

We selected Google Voice Search as title for the simple reason that many searches in the web is conducted primarily in Google.

What is Voice Search

It is obvious that search method is through voice interacting interface which communicates with the Search Engines

So we are studying the effects on our Search Engine Return Pages

The future of search modes impact Digital Marketing are listed as:

  •  Advanced visual and
  •  Voice search

These two modes are increasingly gaining prominence by browsers. It easy to search for product or service by Mobile devices. therefore more people prefer to search while on the go. 50% of all searches fall under Mobile instruments anywhere. 

Are google voice search like searches better ?

Verbal and visual searches are more efficient in describing the search criteria. And at the same time faster as compared with typing it. It sets a new trend especially impacting Digital Marketing scenario.

Amazon’s Alexa

Apple’s Siri


Google Assistant

Image by Microsoft voice Report

From the above tabulation it is clear google voice search and apples’ Siri take equal share of Voice searches.

Amazon alexa answers, google voice search our queries immediately. There is no choice, as in Search Engine Result Pages.

This is one aspect the voice search and reply is lacking. Search Engines display multitude of choices from which you can select.

” Cortana is designed to help you get things done. Ready on day one to provide answers and complete basic tasks. Cortana learns over time to become more useful every day. You can rely on Cortana to stay on top of reminders and work across your devices. ” says Microsoft.

How Voice and Verbal searches Impact Digital Marketing

The above data shows that only top ranking sites stand to benefit. Others have very little chance of making an appearance.

It is claimed that verbal and voice searches would dominate. But it is unlikely that majority of cases people would compromise for single result. Or alternatively it needs to be made more inter-active to keep the choices to select the result.

What would be the future

It is very important that in order to keep our Ranking high we get familiar with the process and adapt timely.

SEO for visual searches

What are criteria for visual searches for Ranking going in future? As in the past searches, it must be be relevant. Instead of words, it would be Images, Photos or Graphics. Semantic relevance would play key role.

The searches may be in the area of Real Estate, Showing properties and Locations and Structures. They can be shown graphically better than words.

Handicrafts and Artefacts, Jewellery, Machineries and Foods are some example. All those having links to images, photos and even videos could be more relevant. They might do well!

What factors may be considered for Ranking?

4 Steps to optimize to get ready for voice search

1. HTTPS is essential because encrypts and decrypts user page requests as well as the pages that are returned by the Web server.

The use of HTTPS protects against spied and tampered by hackers.

2 Authority of site is very important so that the browser gets authentic information for their search term or query

3 Voice search is done by people on the go

The loading speed is very crucial and should be kept less than 4 seconds

4 Clear and definite answers to queries is expected.

This means you have to be very specific in in your statements giving clear and specific so that there is no ambiguity.

So Loading Speed of your Site within 4 seconds is optimum

So make sure that there is not clutter in your site.

How relevant is the image to the search category?

Image location filename

Alt attributes

Image title

Page title and URL

Image share ( shows popularity of Image)

Size and Dimension of the Image and in addition

raditional Ranking factors of Hosting URL

Steps we can take to Improve Image SEO

Asit is in traditional search, even in Image Search Keyword is most important. So guidelines for SEO that govern Images should be applied to the graphical content.For better user experience check this and publish. Explore Image SEO opportunity. Update the existing ones to confirm to give better user value.


We are going to face a new challenge! This would be exactly because of more searches would be other than written.

Digital Marketing would see a sea-change. And revolutionize the way SEO is interpreted and applied.

So, Digital Marketers cope up with the changes envisaged.

Good luck.


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