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SEO, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

” Elon Musk is famous for his futuristic gambles. But Silicon Valley’s latest rush to embrace artificial intelligence scares him”

Vanity Fair Magazine
Artificial Intelligence is a Multi-Dimensional topic. That scares even technological giants like billion dollar venturist.

Elon Musk! 

Vanity Fair Magazine

Search Engine Optimization-  its relation to Artificial Intelligence

AI technique is an organized way and method. It uses the knowledge  derived from Intelligent methods developed to predict certain results. And it is such that it can be easily modified to correct errors. It is also useful to identify patterns and forecast results. Input data are modelled from advanced forms of a statistical and mathematical procedures.

In information technology, a reasoning system is a software system that generates conclusions from available knowledge by using logical techniques such as deduction and induction. It (Reasoning systems) play an important role in the implementation of artificial intelligence and also in any knowledge-based systems.

  • It  (AI) makes it possible for machines to make useful interpretation and convert it as experience for learning. Further, it helps to adjust to new inputs and perform human-like tasks. Artificial intelligence is generally divided into two types – narrow (or weak) AI   and
  • general AI, also known as AGI or Strong AI.

Through this brief  article, we want to examine what relation Search Engine Optimization, artificial intelligence and  Big Data have with one another. And how we can benefit from this insight, in our effort to rank in search engines return pages.

This is our ultimate purpose.

 Impact of Artificial Intelligence Big Data on

Search Engine Optimization

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of a computer program (or a machine to think and learn). It is also a field of study which tries to make computers “smart”. As machines become increasingly capable, mental facilities like intelligence are acquired by them through algorithm

There are four types of artificial intelligence: 
  • Reactive machines. …The most basic types of AI systems are purely reactive and have the ability neither to form memories not to use past experiences to inform current decisions.
  • Limited memory. …

This, as the name suggests, has a system which can look into the past. Self-driving cars use this type of memory. For example, by observing other cars’ speed and the direction it predicts the course. Since this manoeuver can’t be done in  just one moment, it is not possible to identify specific objects and monitoring them in real time fast enough to avoid a collision.

  • Theory of mind. …

In psychology, the ability to interact with many objects- animate and inanimate, is called “theory of mind” –  (the understanding that people and creatures in the world have viz. thoughts and emotions which guide their own behavioural response.

  • Self-awareness.

The ultimate in Artificial Intelligence is to build systems that can form representations about themselves. That is just as humans have consciousness.

That is a brief description of Artificial Intelligence!

First of all, we will see the link between Search Engine Optimization and Artificial Intelligence.

“That’s an application of natural language processing Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a field of Artificial Intelligence dedicated to teaching computers to understand our written language”


Search Engines as we all know works based on an algorithm  (now named as RANK BRAIN).There are many parameters given for evaluation of searched items when the robots crawl and retrieve searched data and stored in the database. The process of evaluation for ranking is by analysing the data.

It is not a static fixed process: but a dynamic process. The evaluation process undergoes updating.

For this new criteria is set every time as new information is input. That is how it is made to evolve constantly. The machines learn and the process is stored in the database. This is called Artificial Intelligence. Because no direct human intervention in creating it, it is called Artificial Intelligence.

The next big step is handling large chunks of data to help this process.

The story of Big Data

Through this brief and succinct article, we want to examine what relation SEO, artificial intelligence and Big Data have with one another. And how we can benefit from this insight, in our effort to rank in search engines. This is our ultimate purpose.
The story of Big Data
First, we will broach the subject one by one for better understanding.
In olden days the population was relatively small. Trade and commercial activities were not on the current scale. With spreading of these activities, ease of transport and large economic and commercial activities internationally generates information pertaining to these on a mega scale. This huge collections and study of these for predicting, preventing and forecasting, constitutes Big

Data science.
But before going SEO and Artificial Intelligence we will briefly consider Big Data.
We are going to investigate briefly the four aspects of Big Data.
• Big Data- Driving Factors
• What is Big Data?
• Big Data Characteristics
• Types of Big Data
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Big Data Image

Numerous Avenues of Big Data
Big data

What is Big Data?
Very Large Computers systems analyse, extremely large data sets, structured and unstructured. They reveal patterns, trends, and associations. The High volume of data is Big Data. We  can be interpret using software and other data analytical processes.

Relating to human behaviour and interactions.

All the data pertaining to the Internet, Social media(Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) Governments’ Institutions of Financial, Educational, Medical, Military, Transport and Insurance. These are the fields of large scale data generation. Before the large scale advent of the Internet, Mobile phone and other information sharing tools, the data were relatively small. And can handle using traditional software. Now the scenario needs a totally different approach.

Types and Examples of Big Data Use:

There are four types of Big Data use.
They may be classified as
• Forecasting for Preventive actions
• Interpreting Trends
• Diagnostic to find what happened in the past and why.
• Descriptive analytics to find credit risk etc.

Big data is used to identify patterns to predict the future. For example, weather forecasting heavily relies on Data science.  Large corporate organisations employ the use of Big Data to predict fluctuations in market behaviour. Further on-set of the epidemic is possible with the help of Big Data. Diagnostic analytics are useful to interpret the cause of some events in past.
Applications of Big Data
Big data is applied to data sets, which could not be handled by existing Relational Data Base Management software. And the characteristics –encaptured
• Large volume,
• Great velocity,
• High variety. Big data collection is through
Video/Audio L networks,
Log files,
Application Forms,
Social media networks
As we generate them in real time.
The volume generated very large.

Use Big Data for your advantage

Analyzing big data allows analysts, researchers, and business users to make better and faster decisions using data. This speed was previously inaccessible or unusable. Using advanced analytics techniques such as text analytics, machine learning, predictive analytics, data mining, statistics, and natural language processing, businesses can analyze previously untapped data sources independent or together with their existing enterprise data to gain new insights resulting in better and faster decisions.

Big Data says, till today, we were okay with storing the data into our servers because the volume of the data was pretty limited, and the amount of time to process this data was also okay. But now in this current technological world, the data is growing too fast and people are relying on the data a lot of times. Also, the speed at which the data is growing, it is becoming impossible to store the data into any server.

SEO and Big Data in Future

Big Data as we use, for a collection of large and complex data sets.
The effect of  Data application to large scale data collected by, Google and other search engines is enormous.
Data science empowers one to make sense of large volume information collected. SEO is interpreting and selecting the best sites, that give ranking to the web sites and posts based on an algorithm with several parameters. We understand, a fool-proof method of ranking is possible With Big Data.
Business intelligence is showing the nascent outcome that was not evident when we adopt them initially. Data analysis was a complicated, out-dated and not well-defined discipline. The complete change resulted, because of big data and next-gen AI.

Data Analytics

Data analytics overlap business intelligence so much that there is hardly any difference.
Google employs a machine-learning augmented artificial intelligence system called “Rank Brain”. Its analytical capabilities acquired through its search results. Wonderful is the process of how that works. Google’s overall ranking system is metamorphosed?

Present Scenario

In 2018, we see business intelligence and artificial intelligence take similar treatment. Present machine-learning systems it can identify patterns and other variables as good as humans.
This is one advantage of Search engines, are deriving immense ability to identify and pinpoint SEO ranking posts.
Summarizing, Big Data and next-gen AI are two latest tools with which search engines are evaluating data on the internet. They both enable to identify high ranking posts as good as a human can do.


Summing up the search engine basics have undergone a total change. You would have got some elementary facts of how the newer advances impact our ranking in Search Engines. Veterans recommend having some fundamental knowledge of factors that help and impact your chances of Ranking High in Search Engine Return Pages. Thank for reading this article and if you have any comments please post them and also subscribe to our site.

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