Keyword Stemming good or not

To increase the tracking of our keyword and offset the narrowing of the longtail keyword Search Engine Experts

have found it useful to use Keyword Stemming .

We all know that keyword is very important which is good for Search Engines. Its usefulness can be increased by many variations. Like long-tail keyword which narrow down the search result potential. However, the advantage is

it returns results for focussed browsers. Conversion might increase if you offer unique solutions or give more

useful products.

Let us investigate What is Keyword Stemming.

Definition of Keyword Stemming

Analysis shows that any variation of the Stem in the Keyword, that is the root of the keyword is considered

for extensive relevant variations . Consider a search term like Digital Marketing. Then terms with suffixes, prefixes and affixes to the root of the two words Digital and Marketing .

They would be :



Digit and




Any of the above would fit in as Stemming Keyword.

The effect of using these root variations would make the visibility of your blog to Search Engines more.

And these keywords would be like they are separate and return results to each of them individually.

How to find Stemming Keywords?

There are many methods by which one could find an appropriate words for these stem we are considering.

Lemmatizations is using the inflected forms

Stochastic Method Using suffixes and other extensions and tabulating them to find out suitable ones.

Algorithms for finding Stemming They are:

Porter Stemming Algorithm

IR 4.6 Stemming Algorithm

Natural Language Processing Algorithm

However one has to take care of these stemming Words.

Keyword Proximity

This idea evaluates the nearness of Prime Keyword and the Stemming Word.

You have to understand How closely these two relate to each other semantically.

Benefits of Stemming Keywords

Each of the Stem words is treated as a Separate Keyword.

Search engines return results for each of them. This naturally increases

Organic traffic

Disadvantages in Stemming

Stemming Keywords which can give good results, the main disadvantage is that it might be


Secondly it should closely synch with that of the Main theme of the Article. Otherwise Search Engines

would reject it


You have seen that stemming keyword is an extension of the basic Root of the Keyword

by Prefix, suffix or found by using various Algorithms.

They can increase organic search results.

However it is the precaution which is taken makes them more relevant to main keyword

and context of the blog.

So, I hope I could throw some light on some emerging concept. Wishing you success.

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