Monetize your blog fast even without ads

You the Blogger, always want to monetize your blog fast even without ads! It is a great idea and many achieve this effortlessly. Many courses are being offered for many thousands of dollars. Course promoters claim instant result.

Why do you think you are not able to replicate the same? There must be some missing link. That link is what we will search?

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Monetize your blog

“Often considered the most wondrous of all mythical creatures, the unicorn is also a symbol of magic, miracles, and enchantment. The magical and enchanting unicorn appears to only a rare few and has the ability to bestow magic, miracles and wisdom to those who are pure of heart and virtuous in their deeds” Unicorn

When thinking about Monetization of your blog bear this in Mind! It (Your Mind) is the UNICORN. You the blogger or content writer the Hero riding this magic horse and can work magic for you.

Your creativity is the whip. Wield it carefully and effectively reach your Goal. That is earn revenues.

What does monetize me

” While businesses monetize products and services to generate profit. Monetization goes hand-in-hand with capitalism—and is just about as old. The process of monetizing your blog is very important to a business or other entity’s growth as it is key to its strategic planning.”

Understanding Monetization 

To understand the strategy that works focus on your audience. Make clear and easily understandable message.

This message should solve your customers’ problem.

“To clarify our message we’re going to need a formula. A serious formula. This formula needs to organize our thinking, reduce our marketing effort, obliterate confusion, terrify the competition, and finally get our businesses growing again” Donald Miller

Story Brand

So, if you treat your Blogging Website as a business, it is necessary to Monetize it.

Three important questions you must ask are this.

Do I /we have a Product or Service That is in demand? You can explore :

Many ways to Monetize

  1. Digital / Software products
  2. Physical Products
  3. How to convert these products or services into Cash

Digital / Software products


Top ranking among the digital products eBooks ranks first. They are easy to create and market. Many websites offer initially free eBooks in exchange for the emails. Once your content in your website is useful and answers the pain points of the browser you become knowledge head. Then venturing into selling eBooks priced variously sell. Either you can sell through your website or through Amazon or other sellers.

Software Products

  • Online Courses on any subject in which you have expertise like Digital Marketing, Health and Fitness, Finance and handling money, Web-application plugins, Domain name and hosting services reselling.
  • Subscribed contents in your site are possible once you establish as a thought-leader.
  • Proprietary items like Templates, Cheat-sheets, and photographs and videos.
  • Other such products which can be shared through like webinars and podcasts. Now we can focus on Physical products: Physical products sold online are numerous. If you are a manufacturer or not is not the criteria. So long as you can market you can source your supplier. Like dropshipping and as an affiliate, you can sell for a commission. The same can be adopted for digital products also

Promoting sales


Advertisements are favourite for any marketer. They cost a lot of money and the outcome is not assured.

So, we are not going to talk about it in this “Monetize your blog fast even without ads” because the topic is without ads.

Then how we are ensure sale of these products. The role of content can not be overstated in this connection.

Good content has the value to the browsers and with Search Engine Optimization has the potential of in the first page of Search Engine Result Pages. When your site and the content page ranks on the first page then more and more people view. Once your traffic increases by creating proper sales funnel it is possible to convert the traffic into sales.

If the product you offer is good with good Call Action Button in your landing page leading to sales page then rest assured that sale will take place.


Summing up we can note that to monetize your blog fast without even advertisement the following step are required:

  • Decide on the product digital or physical or service you intend marketing.
  • Work out how this product is sold to browsers and design your website from landing page to the sales page.
  • Put in a Content in your Website which would rank in the Search Engine Return Pages.
  • Ensure traffic is generated and conversion takes place. It is also important that social media used effectively for generating traffic. And webinars and podcasts are also a very effective medium.
  • Further promotional activities such as a coupon, discount and cash-back, bonus and add on products to boost the value of your sale must be adopted.

These techniques are followed by millions in the Internet Marketing Scenario. Have no doubt and adopt these and Monetize your blog fast even without ads.

Good Luck

Always use your creativity

About the Author: Rangan

Hi I am J.V.Rangan , basically a Mechanical Engineer and had long career as Machinery Manufacturer and Project Manager. My mission to help entrepreneurs and young start ups succeed in their venture. Passion for writing blogging and Digital Marketing my new call.Giving my best Blogs and Quality Contents.Worked as content development freelancer.

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