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This blog of mine after several months of gap resulting in my weight loss is unique. When I made a keyword search “My unique weight loss blog” was very near to my situation. With an intent that it might help people who are recovering from illness and hospitalization, I write these lines.

Any experience you undergo, is multidimensional. Especially if it is health related. Writing demands sound disposition of the spirit. Therefore it is absolutely necessary that you enjoy healthy condition.

First, I was laid up not knowing what illness I was suffering. Then on insistence, forced to undergo medical treatment. Doctors, as you know, advise several tests more often for commercial reasons. Complied with all of them.Finally, it was decided that hospitalization was necessary.

Where upon I was in a hospital undergoing treatment in ICCU (Intensive critical care unit) Though, it was short luckily, the stay made its impact.

The direct result was a weight loss of nearly 12 kgs. Also I suffered loss of appetite and loss of uninterrupted sleep

Notwithstanding, the fact that no new write up was posted, there were regular visitors, to my site. So, I was impelled post script.And there was no better topic than my recent recuperation.

The message I would like to share is, you might sometimes, unlikely times, undergo unfortunate spell of bad health. Have determination and if you have passion you would come out

With this message I conclude this blog for now. It is my hope that I would be able to churn out more very soon.

Best of luck.

About the Author: Rangan

Hi I am J.V.Rangan , basically a Mechanical Engineer and had long career as Machinery Manufacturer and Project Manager. My mission to help entrepreneurs and young start ups succeed in their venture. Passion for writing blogging and Digital Marketing my new call.Giving my best Blogs and Quality Contents.Worked as content development freelancer.

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