Script a blog get traffic automatically

With a hope that your blog gets traffic automatically, you script your blog passionately.

Reality Check about traffic

You take immense pains to write blog posts so that people actually read. Indeed it is one of the coveted and valuable skills. As a blogger, this one skill ensures your success as marketer and Monetizing becomes natural. Sadly, run of the mill people mess it and fail miserably? Do you agree and if so have you found out how to get the right techniques to write a blog that gets traffic automatically?

How to script a blog that gets traffic automatically.

Well then, let us find out the methods by which we achieve results.

Why then when they know that no one is reading their blog posts they write, they don’t do anything about it? When we talk about traffic we should also think about hurdles in the way (Traffic jam). It is common everyday experience we usually come across . But as applied to the blog journey we lose sight of it.

Does your a Blog get traffic automatically.

Why do people browse? This fundamental question. We need to understand and answer thoroughly before you start writing. The main question should be :

  • Is it useful to my browsers?
  • Is the write up simple and inspiring?
  • Have we done enough research about the topic .
  • Are there enough authentic statistics to prove our point.

Headline is the face of your blog and it will be displayed in the search engines.

Headlines could be many different ways. What you have to bear in mind is “Are people searching for this keywords or key phrases? ” So your search for “KEYWORDS” is very crucial .

You might have come across terms like “long tail keywords”

Neil Patel has the following to say about long tail keywords : ”

“It’s hard not to be repetitive when you blog as much as I do.

I’ve brought up long-tail keywords a lot throughout my blog posts. That’s because I focus a lot on them.

They’re the foundation of an effective SEO strategy. Long-tail keywords account for 70% of all web searches. “

And then there are “Latent Semantic Index ” Keywords. These keywords have a wide range in their purport.

Keyword research tools are offered by many and Google Keyword Planner is the foremost. With the help of these Keyword Research Tools you can certainly select a keyword that gives good chances of higher traffic.

How Killer Headlines Will Ensure Highest Traffic For You

How by following certain formulas, your headlines would persuade readers to stick with your post? Yes it is claimed that proper headlines can ensure 50% more traffic. As we said earlier Headlines are the face of your Content

Relevance of Headline to The Content

Prime consideration in selecting a Headline is its relevance to the content in the post.Unless it is truly reflective of the content the reader might feel that they are mislead which affects the authenticity of your blog and site as a whole.

Promises you make in your Headlines.

You promise certain result and outcomes in your title and meta description. You believe that. But for the reader to trust you must quote certain authorities to be be credible. Follow it up with statistics, graphs and charts.You may also include infographics, screenshots and videos.

Composition of your Headlines

Headlines composition we mean the following as given by

  • word balance
  • headline type
  • length
  • keywords
  • sentiment

The Heading normally be 60 characters long or less, because Google will only display this length. It should convey complete information about your Blog Post.It is preferentially a sentence. Preferably grammatically correct.

Headlines should convey positive sentiment. Contain certain word of balance. Coschedule classifies four types of words as:

  • Common words
  • Uncommon words
  • Emotional words
  • Power words This mix gives more captivity and your SEO score would be higher.

AIDA Model – for Blog Writing

Attention, Interest, Desire and Action is the expansion of the above acronym.

Various aspects Blogging

The above Infographics image shows typically various stages of acquisition

Though the headings I have used is different essentially it is the same .


Browsers attention span is limited and usually tend to scan through. We need to take special care to keep their attention riveted to our blog. First our page layout should be clutter free, pop-ups should not disturb the attention and loading speed especially in mobiles, should be fast.


By this we imply that having grabbed the attention of the browsers, it needs to continue sustain their interest in the the product or services or the pain points we address in our Blog Post. Text only has less captivity. To break the monotony we can include graphics, videos and non-text mediums.


The above two steps should arouse a desire in the Browsers mind about product or service. To achieve our claims should be validated by other users and show other credentials in a quantified manner. To further keep their desire money back guarantees, free trials and demos could be employed.


Attention, Interest and Desire should logically lead to actionable step. This is called conversion.

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