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Updated July 24, 2020″ In fact, a search for latent semantic index graph/how on Google reveals well-known sites such as HubSpot claiming that a little LSI will give your SEO a boost and take it to the next level. “

from Search engine journal. Taking cue from there writing this SEO through latent semantic index graph/how. You the blogger, always want to rank high in SERP results. Surely you would find the strategy for that in my “SEO through latent semantic index graph/how” Interested, read on and rank.

The concept of latent semantic indexing graph has developed from the need to give search queries more relevant and meaningful result. In this process of making sense of the search terms, the latent semantic indexing is a natural outcome.

The word semantic is defined in the dictionary as:

” Of  relating to meaning or arising from distinctions  between the meanings  of different words or symbols “

It is clear that search engines go about the task of returning results based more on the meaning contextually rather than word match.

. This is the first step in our understanding.

Next we explore our role as bloggers and content writers to help search engines to locate us. Or rather make bots to crawl our blogs or contents for as many as possible search terms.

Where to include for better SEO through latent semantic index graph keywords?

As a blogger you may be familiar with the Keyword and its role in Search Engine Optimization.

Going one step further, the Keywords that are Semantically related are included in the Blog or content post.

Link SEO has with other handles

The above is typical representation of graph with core term Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  1. Keyword Research and Latent Semantic Index keyword
  2. Ranking
  3. Content
  4. Strategy (Content Strategy)
  5. Guest Blogging
  6. Link Building
  7. Social Network
  8. Website Optimization
  9. Web Design
  10. Traffic
  11. Sitemap Optimization
  12. Plugins (Software Development)
  13. Comment and Feedback.

You may notice that each term or phrase has a unique connection with the search term SEO.

A good article written can include all these items and show the connection it has with the core Keyword.

The above term if you type in Google Search then there other suggestions like search engine evaluator, SEO courses, Meaning of SEO appear. Now in addition to this “SEO through latent semantic graph index/how ” connects is next.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Modern search algorithms prop by the AI (Artificial Intelligence ) augmented by collecting large data and drawing patterns from them. Simply said, you infer from the data what follows a key term. The search engines simultaneously crawl and pour out millions of links.

Keyword Research and LSI Keyword for better Search Engine Optimization

We understand what is a Keyword .

Keyword in the Search Engine Optimization is the word or Phrase that gives an insight to what the Web page or article is all about. We can better understand this concept by an example. Consider you are writing about ” History Of Independent Movement of India “. This is a generic term.

” Satyagraha movement – in India’s Independence Struggle ” would be a long-tail keyword, since it is more specific.

Latent Semantic Index Keyword would embrace all such terms easily.

” Early Sepoy Mutiny ” “Jallianwala Bagh Genocide”, “Home Rule “, “Quit India ” and “Satyagraha ”

All these keywords as references. We would use in the post with proper interlinks. So, any browser searching for any of the above search terms goes to the same post. It is interesting to note that Keyword Stemming is an additional technique to improve search engine optimization. Because there is enough relevant information. This, blog post contain latent Semantic indexable words. Therefore your chance for ranking for such Search terms is natural as Semantic extension of Keyword


Search Engine Results Pages are the result of output by any Search Engine. What is published in the top and in subsequent order is called in Search Engine Optimization as ” Ranking ”

There are many factors which determine the Ranking. Nevertheless your LSI enhances the chance of your blog being displayed higher in SERP is more.

Content And Strategy

Content or the information you give through your article or Blog Post should be very relevant and address the pain points of your readers. In addition it should be authoritative, contains internal and external links. Easily readable with sufficient keyword density. Bear in mind the browser has a tendency to scan through. So it must keep the attention riveted to the page by making it interesting.

Guest Blogging, Link Building And Social Media.

SEO has two-branches: ” On-Page Optimization ” and ” Off-Page ” The main purpose of both On-Page and Off-Page Optimization is to help search engines to rank your web-page higher.

While there are certain factors within your control, others particularly Off-Page is external. These include in Web 2.0 Your Backlinks, Social Share and the author’s popularity increase your ranking.

Web Site Design And Optimization

Next in our investigation on “SEO through LSI graph/how” I will tell you the easy way to make your chances of ranking by improving your website and navigation through it. The look and feel of your Web Site is a key factor to attract and retain your browser. Not only that, the images and snippets and Ads have an effect on the speed of web page loading time. That is why it is crucial, to take care of your “HTML, CSS and other files, especially for Mobile Phone browsers. Website Optimization

Traffic And Sitemap Optimization

Create proper SiteMap only with a proper understanding of search engines’ operation and the indexing. Such that, Bots find links easily to crawl. This gives and returns the searched page. And also, Keep only minimum and proper permalink pages for displaying your webpage without any error. Avoid clutter

Plugins and Comments

Plugins play a major role in displaying your webpages accurately and fast. There are millions of plugins. Be selective and use only reliable affordable plugins. Security of your website is of paramount importance, use right plugins that secure or your hosting service may also provide this. Proper caching and image compression plugins Wp Smush may be used.


Earlier in a blog post, we talked about Storyboarding to write popular blogs. Similarly, In this post “Search engine optimization through Latent Semantic Index graph/how” Keyword and its use can be enhanced has been highlighted. Hope it is useful and please write your valuable comments. Thank you!

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